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416 - Park Avenue

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Cover: Java
  • Features
  • Product Details

  • Casual Contemporary Design

  • Fully Modular Design-Customize your Comfort

  • Extra Deep Comfort

  • Dramatic Luggage Stitching

  • All Pieces Lock in Place

  • Heavy Weight Durable Bonded Leather

Style Description Dimensions L-H-D
4162LSF Reclining ChaiseL-44 H-41 D-64
64162Power LSF Recl ChaiseL-44 H-41 D-64
4163RSF Reclining ChaiseL-44 H-41 D-64
64163Power RSF Recl ChaiseL-44 H-41 D-64
4164Armless ChairL-33 H-41 D-42
4165Armless ReclinerL-33 H-41 D-42
4166LSF ReclinerL-44 H-41 D-42
64166Power LSF ReclinerL-44 H-41 D-42
4167RSF ReclinerL-44 H-41 D-42
64167Power RSF ReclinerL-44 H-41 D-42
4168WedgeL-73 H-41 D-42
4169Console Storage BoxL-14 H-41 D-42
4160-6Glider ReclinerL-43 H-42 D-43

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