431 - Catalina

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Cover: Steel
  • Features
  • Product Details

  • European Inspired Contemporary Design

  • Top of the Line: Valentino Bonded Leather Touch

  • Dramatic Luggage Stitching

  • Designer Arm Frame and Comfort Automotive Seating

Style Description Dimensions L-H-D
4311Reclining SofaL-90 H-40 D-40
4318WedgeL-74 H-40 D-42
4319Recl Console Lvst w/Strg & CphldrsL-77 H-40 D-40
4310-5Swiver Glider ReclinerL-43 H-42 D-43
64311Power Reclining SofaL-90 H-40 D-40
64319Power Recl Cnsl Lvst w/Stg & CphldrsL-77 H-40 D-40
64310-6Power Glider ReclinerL-43 H-42 D-43
872-050End Table-ShelfL-22 H-24 D-27
953-092RugL-8 H-0 D-10