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404 - Nolan

  • Features
  • Product Details

  • Casual Contemporary Design

  • Designer Luggage Stitching

  • Extra Wide Seating Area and Tall Back for Maximum Comfort

  • Heavy Weight-Durable Valentino Bonded Leather Touch

Style Description Dimensions L-H-D
4041Extra Wide Reclining SofaL-90 H-42 D-40
4048WedgeL-72 H-42 D-41
4049Extra Wide Recl Cnsl Lvst w/Stg and CphldrL-89 H-42 D-40
4040-4Extra Wide Cuddler ReclinerL-51 H-43 D-41
64041Power Extra Wide Recl SofaL-90 H-42 D-40
64049Power Extra Wide Recl Cnsl Lvst w/Stg/CphldrsL-89 H-42 D-40
64040-4Power Extra Wide Cuddler ReclinerL-51 H-43 D-41