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142 - Concord

  • Features
  • Product Details

  • Super Soft Casual Design

  • Extra Wide Seating Area-Width and Height

  • Designer Toss Pillows

  • Special Feature: Lay Flat Reclining-Full Horizonital Layout

  • Super Soft Padded Micro-Denier Fabric

Style Description Dimensions L-H-D
1421"Lay Flat" Reclining SofaL-88 H-42 D-42
1429"Lay Flat" Recl Cnsl Lvst w/Stg and CphldrsL-79 H-42 D-42
1420-7"Lay Flat" ReclinerL-44 H-45 D-42
61421Power "Lay Flat" Recl SofaL-88 H-42 D-42
61429Power "Lay Flat" Recl Cnsl LvstL-79 H-42 D-42
61420-7Power "Lay Flat" ReclinerL-44 H-45 D-42